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easy calculator android code

Thanks you so much. This is the simplest Calculator code even i have seen. thank you so much for this wonderful code. Highly recommended. Reply Delete. How to create a Calculator App for Android. I'm new in programing with Android. Can you help me with your code: I'll put some code from me. I'll put another buttons(Bkcs, dot) but unfortunately somethings goes wrong. Can you put your cod about this functionally?? I'll be very gratefull. Aug 29,  · Learn how to build a simple calculator app in 5 easy steps. This tutorial, if followed well, will clear some important aspects of Programming in Android Studio and is one of the first steps of you becoming and Android Legend.

How to create a Calculator App for Android

Continuing the Android Authority tradition of building simple apps see how to build an image gallery app and how to create an SMS appwe are going to build a simple but functional calculator app. This tutorial assumes that you have at least, some basic experience writing Android apps. The complete source for the calculator app written below is available on github for use, reuse and modification as much as you like. At this point, your layout hierarchy should look like the image below. For our sample calculator, we will setup our project to use data binding.

Using data binding in this app simply helps us refer to our widgets Buttons, EditText and TextView directly, rather than finding them with findViewById methods. To enable data binding, easy calculator android code, you must add the following line to your easy calculator android code build.

Wrap the generated root tag in our case it was a RelativeLayout within a layout tag, making the layout tag the new root tag. The layout tag is what alerts easy calculator android code build system that this layout file intends to use easy calculator android code binding. The build system then generates a Binding class automatically for this layout file. At this point, switch to your MainActivity. The calculator layout is a bit long. This is due to the fact that we have to explicitly define, and meticulously position, each of the buttons in the calculator, easy calculator android code.

Our calculator has two values, valueOne and valueTwo. These values hold the numbers to be operated on. Both values are of type double, so they can hold numbers with and without decimals. We set valueOne to the special Double value NaN not a number for reasons that will be clearer below. This simple calculator can only perform operations of either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Finally, we use the DecimalFormat class to format the output of our calculator.

The decimal format constructor permits displaying up to ten decimal places. Whenever the user clicks a number or dotwe simply want to add that number to the editText. The code sample below shows how we accomplish this for number zero 0. Handling clicks on operators is a little different. We would like to perform any pending computations first.

So we define a computeCalculation method. Within computeCalculation, if valueOne is a valid number, we read valueTwo from the editText, and perform the current queued operation.

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How to build a simple Calculator app in Android Studio - Full Code and Explanation


easy calculator android code


Dec 06,  · What if there’s an easy way to use a calculator for your android app? That would be great! Right? Well, I’ll try to help you guys with that with these lessons.. Our post for today is about an android calculator tutorial and after the tutorial is the source code download, available in zip format. Hello everyone, in this tutorial we are going to learn how to make a calculator app for android (using Eclipse). Step by step process is given in this article that will help you to make a simple calculator in very easy . Aug 29,  · Learn how to build a simple calculator app in 5 easy steps. This tutorial, if followed well, will clear some important aspects of Programming in Android Studio and is one of the first steps of you becoming and Android Legend.