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The Mobile Tennis Center is the world's largest public tennis facility. Our full-service facility includes over 50 courts, all lighted and hard-court, with a pro shop and professional instruction on site. NetKnacks Booth Sales Diary: USTA Southern Sectional Championships, Mobile, AL. March , by Darlene Jefferson, Program Director, NetKnacks Tennis Awards. NetKnacks is all about spreading the love of tennis, and one of the most rewarding things I get to do for NetKnacks is spread that tennis love at USTA Sectional Championship Events. USTA Southern's USTA League teams can advance to Sectional Championships and, in most leagues, USTA national championships. mobile site or any USTA or US Open app is subject to our This site (the “Site”) is owned by United States Tennis Association Incorporated (the "USTA") and is operated by and on behalf of the USTA and its.

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Players have worked really hard to earn their spots at these events and get one step closer to a National Championship. Southern is one of the best-attended events for our booth sales program, and preparation was an adventure. The day before the event, we drove from Atlanta to Mobile in the largest cargo van I have ever driven in my life, usta sectional mobile, completely filled to the brim with our booth and all of the tennis promotional products we could stuff into it.

Luckily, usta sectional mobile, we made it in one piece, usta sectional mobile. As we do before every booth sale, we went to the site to stake out the best spot. We always try to choose a location where everyone has to pass our booth — of course they'll love what they see, so they'll stop by!!

The Mobile Tennis Center folks were the perfect hosts and let us set up in the front of the parking lot, at the entrance to the tennis center and right by the food trucks where everyone would be getting their lunch throughout the day mmmm We arrived very early — in the dark AM to be exact — the Friday of the event, since players begin to show up at AM and we knew we needed to be ready.

We start out every booth set-up by putting out our product options on our three tables and our amazing hanging rack so everyone can see all the apparel options, usta sectional mobile, just like at a rock concert merch stand. And usta sectional mobile sure did feel like rockstars. Within 15 minutes of being open, the players took over the booth and we were non-stop ringing up sales with long lines of people waiting to purchase, usta sectional mobile.

We kept busy until we closed the booth that day at PM. We reorganized, usta sectional mobile, packed up and went directly to bed exhausted from a very successful booth day. And then we did it again. And again. We repeated this process for two more days until the event ended and we were almost completely sold out! I drove the very large — and empty — van back to Atlanta on Sunday afternoon thrilled with the results of the weekend.

Everyone wanted their own special item to bring home to show that they made it to this championship event. Some players even came back several times over the weekend — some could usta sectional mobile decide on just usta sectional mobile item, and some decided to purchase some of our items as gifts to use throughout the year.

We are constantly bringing new products to the booths and only bring the best quality so that our players will love them and use them over and over again. In Mobile, we sold out of our wine sippy cups within the first hour of being open, a record for us!! I guess Alabamians are thirsty. NetKnacks primarily sells our items via our online store netknacks. We usta sectional mobile learn from them when they give us new product ideas to add to our offering.

We meet with our suppliers on a monthly basis throughout the year to see what is new usta sectional mobile exciting in the market and what item is the current craze i. This is just the beginning of a great tennis season and we look forward to attending sectionals all over the United States in the upcoming months!!

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usta sectional mobile


The Mobile Tennis Center is the world's largest public tennis facility. Our full-service facility includes over 50 courts, all lighted and hard-court, with a pro shop and professional instruction on site. YOUTH refers to USTA Junior Divisions in which a child 18 years old or younger can participate in. c. ADULTS refers to USTA Adult Divisions such as Adult Age Group and NTRP divisions. For example, if you choose Southern you will be shown all the tournaments in the Southern Section. If you choose Southern/Georgia you will be shown all the. USTA Southern Mixed Doubles Sectional Championships 18 & Over, 40 & Over: ; combined October , (4-day event) Headquarters: Burns Park Tennis Center North Little Rock/Little Rock, AR.